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Leader, Innovator, Mentor and Advocate


Dawn Hawkins Johnson, CEO, has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare with a special focus on vulnerable populations, health policy, and public-private partnerships. As a masters-prepared registered nurse with a diverse background in clinical care, health policy, business development and consulting, Ms. Johnson has worked with multiple federal agencies, state governments, private organizations and ecosystem partners.

Ms. Johnson’s professional experience includes more than ten years of management consulting with health systems, payers, providers and government agencies on managing care for populations, developing and implementing performance improvement strategies, government relations, and interpreting health policy for market viability, operations and business development. Her background and experience in nursing allows her to apply an understanding that the health and well-being of individuals and populations are deeply rooted in their exposure to and experience in their community, and the condition of their environment.

Ms Johnson’s fourteen year federal career spans agencies that includes the Veterans Affairs and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Ms. Johnson held leadership positions in both the Medicaid and Medicare programs in the region, and at the Central Office. At the end of her federal tenure she was responsible for managing the largest disease management pilot program for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries which included multiple public-private cooperative agreements and partnerships; $350 million in program fees and more than $10 million in support contracts.

Ms. Johnson’s focus is on system transformation that improves the care delivery system for vulnerable populations, improves clinical outcomes, promotes health equity, and empowers consumers to become an accountable partner for their healthcare.



Minority Woman-Owned & Operated Focused On Value

  • We built the foundation on our clinical background.  In addition to our understanding of the patient/consumer journey, access to necessary care and services, health equity, community needs and management.​

  • We recognize our diverse perspective and offer expertise in health policy, coaching and mentoring, and supporting public-private partnerships and collaborations.​

  • We are focused on delivering value and supporting better outcomes.​

  • We provide an abundance of services to meet you where you are today and plan for your evolution.

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