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Meeting You at Your Opportunity and Exceeding Your Expectations

Health Policy

Providing Equitable, Practical, Operational Approaches to Meet Population-Level Objectives

With almost three decades of industry experience, the DHJ Services team possess the experience, capabilities and expertise to support you and your organizations' personal, policy, research and management objectives.


At DHJ Services, we have micro and macro-level implementation experience, including the individual, community, state, and federal levels.  We combine our capabilities and insights to meet you where you are,  transform your processes and strategies, and transcend them to meet new industry demands.

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Integrating equity, care and community

Connect, Engage and Empower for Outcome Achievement

What are those around you doing to stay connected to their members, patients, and communities?  Ever wonder if your strategy, framework, or team operates mindful of the masses and individuals?  Allow the DHJ team to support your new vision - equity in care, service and policy.  In other words, strategize using smart tools and global resources, to understand the implications of the choices and words that result in unintended consequences. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

Coaching and Mentoring

Specify goals and isolate the development priorities; ensure alignment to your personal and professional needs. Provide initial feedback.

Bi-weekly sessions, objective guidance to tackle real time challenges, identify barriers, and discuss progress.

Meet to provide progress updates and assess personal, professional, or project impact.

Survey tools are used to quantify coaching impact. Provide results and feedback at debrief.

Preparing to “fly solo.”  Offer plan for continued development and internal support to sustain growth.


Leadership, Team & Culture Transformation Development

Coaching, Facilitation & Training

Focus on stakeholder engagement, capacity building, meeting facilitation, health literacy, equity and inclusion training to improve patient outcomes, community partnerships and collaborations.

Strategic planning

Remaining Relevant in Today's Environment

We analyze what organizations are doing to remain relevant, equipped, and competitive in this ever changing world, to:

  • Determine your strategic position.

  • Identify and Prioritize your objectives.

  • Plan, Support, and execute your endeavor.

We then evaluate to understand the implications of every choice you can make.


Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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Research, Diversity and Equity Consulting

Group Training & Facilitation, Program Design & Implementation

  • Provide insight into programmatic activities to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, access, belonging and trust in health services research, clinical research evaluation and related disciplines, research methodologies, and analysis. 

  • Our team’s expertise supports:

  • Stakeholder Communication

  • Research Team Coaching

  • Curriculum Development and Training

  • Health Equity and Access Technical Assistance

  • Procurement Selection Management Support

Health Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Access & Belonging

Group Training & Facilitation, Program Design & Implementation

Provide insight into a full range of programmatic activities related to improving diversity, equity, inclusion, access and belonging in a number of different topic areas.  This includes issues related to teamwork and communication, care coordination and delivery, community integration, collaboratives, and engagement.

The Inclusion SCORECARD for Population Health™

The Inclusion SCORECARD for Population Health™ is an interactive on-line dashboard that displays the best practices that health systems can use to address health care inequities, organized into four distinct focus areas:

  • Tracking key metrics about the population served and the overall diversity.

  • Building a culture of inclusion throughout the health system.

  • Creating greater accountability among leaders to address health disparities.

  • Developing higher engagement with diverse community stakeholders.

We are a licensed provider of the ISPH. Please contact us for more information.

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