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Black Maternal Health

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A recent Forbes article stated that Black maternal mortality rates have continued to rise over the past several years. 

In 2021,Black women had a maternal mortality rate that was nearly three times higher than White and Hispanic women.

Historically, Black women have experienced significantly higher rates of maternal mortality, morbidity, and pregnancy-related complications than other racial and ethnic groups in the United States. This disparity is attributed to various factors, including systemic racism, implicit bias, lack of access to quality healthcare, and socioeconomic factors. Yet, despite many calls for action, the needle has not moved. 

A time for change is overdue!

Black maternal health is a pressing public health issue that requires urgent attention and action from healthcare providers, policymakers, and public health officials. Recently, the Biden Administration issued a statement for Black Maternal Health Week denouncing the disparities in maternal mortality and morbidity rates in the U.S., particularly for Black women. The proclamation declared that the Biden-Harris Administration is committed that ALL WOMEN, regardless of race or ethnicity should have access to equitable health care before, during, and after their pregnancy. 

We need to advance health equity by collaborating and creating equitable and sustainable solutions to address this public health crisis for Black women.

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